I am excited to release my new record “Pond Life” with Ches Smith, CHris Lightcap, Tim Berne and John Medeski, on May 27. This will be released on my own label Dreck to Disk and distributed by A-Train entertainment.
We will do album release concerts June 1 and June 5 in New York.
Also looking forward to a California tour with my band Freelance Subversives playing the music from the 2020 release of the same name. Hope to see you all soon!

Spring 2022! Things are getting interesting. In April I will had back to California for a bit to play with the folks back there. Jazz Fest in New Orleans is back in full force. Once again I will be all over the place playing with lots of interesting projects new and old. May 27 I will be releasing a new record “Pond Life”. In June I will take up where i left off in 2020 with a Cali tour celebrating the Freelance Subversives album. All good stuff!